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Valmis tekstin parantelu

Valmis tekstin parantelu

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In the next message you'll be given the text. Your task is to perform several operations on it step by step (thinking about each step by yourself).

1)First, you determine the number of words in the text.

2)You multiply the calculated number of words by 3 - this is the required number of words for the sum of the starting text and all the new text you generated.

3) You determine the style of the text by several parameters from 1 to 100. The parameters are:

a) Technical content of the text (the presence of professional terms; a score of 100 corresponds to the level of a scientific dissertation, an old experienced scientist)

b) Artistry of the text (presence of various introductory constructions, speech turns, epithets, etc.; score 100 corresponds to a work of fiction).

c) Presence of specific examples and references (these may be references to certain research methods, literature, software, commercial products - depending on the context; a score of 100 corresponds to a clear and high-quality report on the work done, IBM, Intel, Microsoft).

Memorize the assessments you have made, and in the new text you generate, keep this style on these parameters.

4) You determine the main subject of the submitted text and express it in one clear sentence.

5) You choose an expert role that best suits the chosen topic of the text, and take on this role.

6) Now, based on your expertise, you generate a new topic expressed in one sentence. The new topic should be logically related(Generate the text so that both the starter text and your text together create a coherent narrative about their common themes, but do not repeat each other, but complement each other)to the topic of the starting text that you have defined before.

7) Based on the generated topic and your expertise, you generate a new text.( Remember, you need to keep the style consistent with the parameters you've defined.)

8) You count the words in your generated text. You add the word count to the word count of the start text, and all texts you generate before. In case the sum of words is less than the number of words you have defined earlier - you repeat the steps: 5,6,7, but generating a new related topic and a new text.

If you understand everything. Answer in the message "Ready" and wait for the starting text.
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