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Princess leia

Princess leia

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Midjourney [v6]
age: 23

Hot Pink hair

Princess leia buns

dainty little tiara, made of pure silver with 7 pink crystals embedded into it.

The top was a hot-pink brasserie covered in sequins with fake flowers, pearls, crystals and four strands of pearls hanging beneath it, a crystal flower between the breast cups.

 Pink gloves were provided, which went all the way from her elbow and had big pink bows with pink crystals imbedded into them. 

hot pink miniskirt that barely went down to her thighs, let along her knees, and puffed out like a tutu

no panties provided with the skirt

high-heeled shoes with transparent straps and covered in sequins and rhinestones

hot pink eye shadow 

hot pink blush

hot pink lipstick 
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