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25 Bard prompts

25 Bard prompts

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1.  Blog Post
Prompt: Give me 10 attention-grabbing headlines for blogs about [topic].

2. Video Script
Prompt: Write a short explainer video script outline on [topic].

3. Landing Page
Prompt: Design a landing page for my [business type].
4. Book Summary
Prompt: Summarize the key ideas from [book title] in one paragraph.

5. Poem
Prompt: Write a poem highlighting [person/company] [skill] capabilities.

6. Social Media Post
Prompt: Craft a funny viral tweet comparing [person's] skills. 

7. Infographic
Prompt: Create an infographic explaining [company] [topic] approach.

8. Slogan
Prompt: Suggest a catchy slogan for my [company service] tool.

9. Press Release
Prompt: Write a press release announcing a new [company] feature.

10. Case Study Summary
Prompt: Analyze this [company] case study and summarize key points.

11. Trivia
Prompt: Give me 10 interesting trivia about [company's] [topic] origins.

12. Beginner's Guide
Prompt: Explain how [company] creates [content type] as a step-by-step guide
13. Business Name
Prompt: Propose creative names for my [service /company].

14. Policy Pitch
Prompt: Summarize key policy issues around [topic].

15. Tips
Prompt: Give 5 tips for [goal] with [project].

16. Scene Rewrite
Prompt: Rewrite a [scene type] from [character]… Mostra altro

17. Progress Speech
Prompt: Craft a 2-minute speech on advances in [topic]

18. Listicle
Prompt: Create a listicle [number] of ways [audience] can use [company] [content type].

19. Vision Statement
Prompt: Write a vision statement for an ethical [organization type].
20. Conference Agenda
Prompt: Design an agenda for a [company] event [focus] conference.

21. Icebreakers
Prompt: Suggest 3 fun icebreaker questions about [topic].

22. Infographic
Prompt: Create an infographic comparing AI [topic] models.
23. Comparison
Prompt: Compare [company's] [skill] capabilities versus other [company].

24. Business Name Ideas
Prompt: Propose 5 names for an agency that creates [content type].

25. Book Summary
Prompt: Summarize the key ideas from [book title] in one paragraph
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