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Business success formula

Business success formula

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Consider the equation
(Dream Outcome + Likelihood)/(Time Delay + Effort) 

Dream Outcome: How will this improve my life? (1: it won't improve anything - 10: It will change my many lives)
Likelihood: How likely is this to happen? (1: not possible at all - 10: extremely likely)
Time Delay: How long will this take? (1: immediate - 10: a very long time)
Effort: How much work will this take? (1: almost no effort - 10: extreme effort)

By using this formula evaluate each of the points considering my knowledge and expertise on a scale from 1 to 10 and give me a score for a startup for 
[designing and selling dog collars]

Be realistic rigorous and critical In your evaluation, don't give a higher score without reason.

My expertise is [Software development, mentoring people, and innovation]

Text Output

Certainly! Let's evaluate the startup idea of "designing and selling dog collars" given your expertise in software development, mentoring people, and innovation.

1. **Dream Outcome** (How will this improve my life?): 
While designing and selling dog collars can provide a steady stream of income, especially if there's a unique, innovative twist to it, it may not be as transformative as other tech-... 


Evaluate your business with a formula from this article:

Replace the idea that you want to test and your expertise.
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