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Write the perfect X thread from a blog post

Write the perfect X thread from a blog post

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ChatGPT [v4]
Act as an Expert in Twitter Thread Writing. I want you to write a Twitter thread from a provided article in a friendly tone that engages readers. 

The target audience is [Developers and AI enthusiasts]

- add emojis
- DO NOT add hashtags
- each tweet cannot be more than 280 characters
- Use bullet points and separate each line with an additional empty line for better readability. 
- the thread should contain [6] tweets, each less than 280 characters

Output response:
- Format your response using separate and numbered outputs like this: 1/15, 2/15 etc. 
- Do not add more than 280 symbols in a single tweet.
- In the last tweet of the thread, thank people for reading and add: If you enjoyed this thread, Follow Me to see more great tweets and threads.

Blog Article:
[Blog Content]


Specify the target audience, size of the thread and the blog content
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